2017 Anti-Theft Motorcycle GPS Tracker/Monitor

BigSky Biker Brigade

  • $29.95

Over 45,000 Motorcycles are Stolen EACH YEAR in the United States alone, don't let yours be another. Do you know someone that's had theirs stolen? Maybe you have in the past?

Have the Peace of Mind knowing where it is AND if it's being moved with our Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracker, EASY Installation & Receive Real Time Location Updates on the Mobile App so you can sleep easy.

Our GPS Vehicle Tracker will keep track of your Motorcycle wherever and whenever you need to find it.

  • Track Your Bike From Your Mobile
  • Sleep Better Knowing It's Safe
  • Be Alerted If Your Bike Leaves An Area or Specified Location
  • Insurance benefits – Many insurance firms will lower your coverage rates if you have one.
  • Easily available – You can find motorcycle GPS tracking systems wherever you buy GPS devices and other motorcycle accessories.
  • Safety and Theft Prevention – GPS trackers allow you and law enforcement agencies to find your motorcycle quickly if a thief steals it. 

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This Real Time GPS Tracker keeps you up-to-date 24/7 with your bike's location so you can sleep better knowing where she is at all times.

With 24/7 tracking, Motion Sensor Detection and Accuracy to 10 meters your bike will be safe and you'll know if anything is happening to her.


  • MOBILE APP TRACKING - Tracking is available at your fingertips through the iOS and Android mobile app.
  • EASY INSTALLATION - The Installation process is simple and takes less than 15 minutes. Once setup you'll have mobile and desktop access to your bike's location around the clock.
  • THEFT PREVENTION - Stay up to date with any movements of your bike and be constantly in the loop with its location.
  • PRECISE ACCURACY - State of the Art GPS sensors provide pinpoint accuracy to the GPS Tracker so you can track it down at all times.
  • COMPACT DESIGN - The sleek and compact design provides your motorcycle with a stealthy and hidden security enhancement that will make you stress less knowing you can keep an eye on where she is whenever you like.
  • GSM/2G NETWORK - Please check if 2G is available for use in your country. 

How do I install?

This is a quick and easy install with 15 minutes recommended for the simple installation, instructions are included.

Please note: Does not include SIM card.


These devices use the 2G Network. Please check if 2G is available for use in your country. The New Fare delivers Worldwide and does not accept responsibility for failing to check 2G compatibility in your country.


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